Paper Staghorn Fern


This has been one of my favorite projects! Staghorn ferns are amazing house plants, that add beauty & style to where they’re placed. I couldn’t find any locally, so I decided to make one out of paper. I loved how it turned out.

paper staghorn fern_katie jarman steps

Find the Silhouette cutting file here.

Cut out the box shape onto your choice of colored cardstock, you could also use chipboard. The rounder smaller shapes should be cut out of a light green cardstock. Cut out the leaf fronds from the different shades of green cardstock. Cut out as many or as few fronds as you want. I used about 8.

How to assemble:

Step 1: Cut a length of wire to match each frond. There should be about an inch of wire overhanging the end, that we’ll use later to attach to the box. Make sure the wire goes down one of the ‘fingers’, so you can bend and shape it. I used tape to attach the wire to my fronds. You don’t see the wire if you’re looking at it, but if you’re worried about seeing the wire (if it’s hung pretty high), cut out a duplicate of your frond, and sandwich the wire between the two pieces.

Step 2: Bend the overhanging wire on the ends at about 90 degrees. Then place the wires into the hole in the box. Arrange the fronds how you like, and bend the wires on the fronds. I like to use photos of real staghorn ferns as references. Tape the bent wires to the underside of the box. Assemble and close the box.

Step 3: Take the smaller shapes cut out of light cardstock, and curl the edges around a pencil. Adhere the shapes onto the box, underneath the fronds and around the hole.

Step 4: To hang, I bent a bit of wire into a circle, and taped it to the back of the box. Make sure to test the strength of your wire! Once you have it hung up, make your final bends to your fronds & there you have it!

If you have any questions, please let me know!

paper staghorn fern_katie jarman long

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