3D Paper Camera Assembly Instructions

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Here are detailed instructions on how to put together the 3D Paper Camera cut file, found in my Silhouette Design Store portfolio.

3D paper camera_katie jarman steps

You’ll need the ‘3D Camera’ cutting file from the Silhouette Design Store, you can find that here. You’ll also need grey and black cardstock for the various pieces, and adhesive or glue.


1. Start by taking the lens wrap around piece, and adhering the two edges together to make a tube.
2. Stick the tube into the front camera piece. Fold down the teeth of the lens tube, and adhere to the backside of the camera piece.
3. The tube should now be sticking out of the front camera piece. Fold the teeth inwards.
4. Now we take the large black circle, and adhere it to the teeth you just folded inward. This is the lens.
5. Now we’ll do something similar to assembling the lens, to assemble the buttons. Make a tube by adhering the two edges of button wrap around piece. Stick this tube into the top camera piece. Fold down the teeth and adhere them to the underside of the top camera piece.
6 The tube should be sticking up. Fold the teeth inwards.
7. Take the button circle piece, and adhere it to the teeth you just folded. This button is done.
8. Repeat steps 5-7 to assemble the second button. The top piece should now look like this.
9. Now we’ll assemble the camera body. Take your front camera piece, with the lens now attached, and fold on the vertical score lines. Fold down the tabs on the bottom of the piece.
10. Adhere the front piece to the base piece using the tabs.
11. Repeat steps 9-10 for the back piece. Make sure it lines up well.
12. The bottom part of the camera is pretty much assembled. Make sure the lens is well adhered before putting on the top piece.
13. Fold down the tabs on the top of the camera. Add adhesive.
14. Take the top piece with the buttons, and fold on the scorelines to match the top of the camera.
15. Adhere the top piece to the top of the camera, starting from left to right.
16. The body of the camera is complete, make sure everything is adhered nicely.
17. Now for the details. Adhere the smaller lens circle on the top of the lens. Fold the black bands on the score lines, and adhere to the left and right of the lens.
18. Fold the long black band on the score lines, and adhere to the back of the camera. Make sure it lines up with the front. Stick on the view finder, I used a tacky glue.

That’s it! I hope the pieces are labeled well enough so you can easily see what piece goes where. Please let me know if you have any questions!

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