Halloween Shadowbox Assembly Tutorial

halloween shadowboxes_katie jarman pic

Detailed photo instructions on how to assemble my Halloween shadow boxes!

halloween shadowboxes_katie jarman steps

You’ll need one or more of my shadowbox cutting files found in the Silhouette Design Store (found here). You’ll need 2 colors of cardstock, of your choice. I used a basic textured cardstock, about 65 lb. Also adhesive or glue.


1. Cut the designs out of your cardstock. I found using two contrasting colors look best, with the darker color used as the ‘top’ piece. The shadow is more pronounced when assembled if you use a light color as the base.
2. Take your top piece, and fold down on the score lines, and fold in the tabs. We’re aiming to make something similar to a box lid here.
3. Place adhesive or glue on the tabs, and secure to the corresponding edges.
4. You now have your top piece completed, it should look like a box lid.
5. Now we assemble the bottom piece, in my case it’s the lighter cardstock. Fold the edges up, and fold in the tabs. This should act as the box ‘base’.
6. Place adhesive or glue on the tabs, and secure to the corresponding edges.
7. Your bottom piece is now assembled. It should look like an open box.
8. Take your bottom piece, and place it face up on a surface, and put your cut & assembled ‘lid’ on. If you’d like things more secure, you can adhere the bottom and top piece together on the matching edges, but I found it wasn’t necessary. It fits pretty snug together.
9. Your shadowbox is now finished! You can hang it on a wall with the matching shadowboxes, place it on a mantle, maybe use it as a centerpiece. Enjoy!


If you have any specific questions please contact me!

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