Paper Treasure Chest Box Assembly Tutorial

Paper Treasure Chest Box Assembly Tutorial


Detailed photo instructions on how best to assemble the 3d Treasure Chest Box cut file!

You’ll need:

Open up the file in Silhouette Studio. Cut out the detail pieces & the main box parts out of your choice of cardstock. My cardstock was about 65 lb, and I used a kraft color, and a grey. You can use Silhouette America’s printable foil for a fun look!


Carefully peel the pieces off of your cutting mat. Use adhesive or glue to attach the detail pieces onto the box pieces. Fold the tabs in on the lower box piece to start assembling the lower box. Fold the edges up, and adhere the sides together. The bottom piece of your paper treasure chest box is done!


Now let’s assemble the top piece. Take the long piece with 3 tabs on each side and fold downwards on the score lines. Fold the tabs down. Take the trapezoid side pieces, and adhere them to the tabs you just folded down. We now have our top ready to go! Let’s attach the top piece of our treasure chest box, and the bottom piece. Take the long tab on the top piece, and fold upwards. Put a stronger glue or lots of adhesive on this tab. Line up the tab with the back of the box base, and press.


Let the glue dry, and you’re done! The box will easily open and close.


This 3D Treasure Chest Box works great as a party favor for a pirate themed party, or a mermaid one! Fill it with chocolate coins, bracelets & fake jewels, confetti or seashells. Cut it out really large to be used as a cake topper!


I have two different versions of the 3D Treasure Chest Box in my Silhouette Design Store portfolio. I use the straight edge cut files here in this tutorial, but the same principals apply for the design with the curved edges. Let me know if you end up having any questions!



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  • Chelsea Castaldo

    What do the dimensions end up being? I’m looking for a box to fit 366 3×5 index cards.