Shape Photo Box Assembly Tutorial

Shape Photo Box Assembly Tutorial


Shape Photo Box Assembly Tutorial

What you’ll need:

White cardstock for printing

A printer

12×12″ cardstock of your choice

Adhesive or glue

Shape Photo Box cut files found in the Silhouette Design Store


Start by ungrouping the design in Silhouette Studio. Drag your image file from a folder on your computer, onto your workspace. Click and drag the photo over the square photo cutline. Right click, and select ‘send to back’. Position your photo how you’d like it to be cut out. Click and drag to select both the cut line, and the photograph. Go to the ‘modify’ window, and click on crop. Your photo is now ready to be print & cut! View the video tutorial below:


Cut out the top to your box, and the bottom piece as well. Carefully peel the pieces off of your cutting mat. Assemble the top of the box by folding the edges downwards, and the tabs over. Use glue or adhesive to adhere the tabs to the matching sides.


Assemble the bottom piece of the box. Fold the edges upwards, and the tabs over. Use glue or adhesive to adhere the tabs to the matching sides.


Take the print and cut photo piece, and place it into the bottom of the box. You can use adhesive to make sure it stays, but mine fit pretty tightly and stayed just fine. Line up the top of the box with the base, and press down to close up. Make sure the sides don’t crumple in!


Your photo box is finished! I made all 4 designs & hang them on my wall for a cool photo display. Keep the shapes consistent, or use the different designs like I did. I chose to use photos from a fun trip of ours, but you can use any photos you want. Family members, different homes you’ve lived in, anything! I love these designs!



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